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      Chat support suite

      Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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      Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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      Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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      Financial Advisors

      Chat service for Financial Advisors

      See what LiveHelpNow interactive customer service tools can do to secure more clients for Financial Advisors

      Save time and money by using the LiveHelpNow platform to build and support your financial advising practice. LiveHelpNow offers tools to improve communication, exchange information, and manage clientele within a secure PCI and HIPAA-compliant environment.

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      Increase profits by improving your efficiency and data security

      Regulatory compliance is critical in the financial industry. Data breaches are all too common—and a costly liability if confidential information is stolen by hackers or publicly exposed from your network. In addition to top-tier communications capabilities, LiveHelpNow provides PCI and HIPAA-compliant Secure Forms that give you the following capabilities:

      Need to outsource your live chat support? No problem!

      HelpSquad offers trained live chat agents for your business.
      LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad to offer 24/7 US Based chat service to field sales and support inquiries on your website

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      LiveHelpNow - Financial Advisor Web Chat Online 24/7: Let your website do the talking!

      Secure upload capability

      Design and use secure HIPAA-compliant forms with your customers. You manage access from your dashboard, designating the duration of access to permitted parties.

      Speed and timing

      Secure Forms allows you to initiate a financial or other transaction and complete it within a live Chat session. Your agent receives alerts when your client opens, handles, and submits the form. Non-centralized pathways ensure your forms are not viewed by others and easily purged.

      Use enhanced analytics to understand your client base

      The Secure Forms tool gives you the opportunity to collect and categorize data to build a greater understanding of your clientele. Collect refined information for client profiles in order to offer targeted services and solutions that return higher profits for your business.

      Central access to effective communication tools

      New or current clients expect high quality customer service. Update your website with interactivity that includes: Live Chat: Set triggers to notify your Chat agents when a visitor is on your website, or looking at particular information. Just as if a potential client walked into your office, your agent can welcome your visitor and inquire about particular financial needs. If it is after hours, visitors can create an email ticket with their question or issue, or request a callback through their method of choice—online Chat, SMS-text messaging, or email. Your agents handle all inquiries through an integrated dashboard where inquiries can be assigned to appropriate personnel or agents.
      Knowledge base: : Using topic areas gleaned from your Chat transcripts, you can create knowledge articles for use by your Chat agents and visitors who are browsing your website. You might wish to describe the services of your firm, how different financial tools work, or other important information for clients interested in hiring a financial organizer.

      Let us deliver the numbers to provide valuable website feedback

      As a financial planner, you work with the expectations of your clients in mind. We provide you with a daily dashboard of analytics about the performance of your website so that you can understand whether it is meeting your expectations. You receive operator and website performance reports, Chat session history and transcripts, and have the ability to create targeted feedback surveys for your website visitors. Customize the LiveHelpNow platform to your brand and seamlessly integrate the tools with your Google Analytics account. It is easy, affordable, and can be set up in minutes.

      Don’t wait to streamline your website communications and interactivity

      LiveHelpNow is a best-in-class, affordable live Chat platform with robust capabilities to serve your financial planning practice. Take advantage of a free 30-day trial today.

      Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.