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      Chat support suite

      Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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      Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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      Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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      Software Sales

      Chat service for Software Services SaaS

      Help Desk truly built for SaaS

      SaaS is a growth industry with a lot of questions. Whether you design, sell, or support the software industry, questions—and the right answers—are part of the product. The LiveHelpNow platform gives you maximum support in sales, support, and website engagement. With live Chat, email ticketing, website interactivity, and Secure Forms, we provide the tools you need to meet your clients and deliver the product and service they need.

      Don't wait!

      Live chat software saves you money and a lot of time

      When a potential software client visits your website, LiveHelpNow enables you to proactively welcome your visitor and offer helpful information. Just like a brick and mortar store, most visitors do not need help right away—but they know where to ask after they hear from your Chat agent. Once engaged, your Chat agent is part of the process moving your visitor toward the sales funnel.

      Along the way, LiveHelpNow collects and provides information like where your visitor is from, what search engine referred them to your site, and information available on their currently open social media profiles. Once someone has visited your site, or initiated a Chat session, their profile is stored—giving you unique information that can drive sales, create customer lists, or inform the decisions you make in the future based on visitor data. Collecting client information helps you make more sales and provide better customer support.

      LiveHelpNow offers you a ton of capabilities—all included in a low monthly subscription fee. Because every business is different, it is important to us that you have the features you need. Here are some—but not all—of the abilities you have with LiveHelpNow:

      ? Instant language translation: Integration with Google Translate means international Chat sessions are no problem, which expands the reach of your sales and service.

      ? Customize the site to suit your brand: LiveHelpNow gives you off-the-shelf ease of use with the ability to set triggers and rules that fit your business and reflect your brand.

      ? Mobile live chat app lets everyone chat on the go! Mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices make it easy for you to make sales and offer help to your customers on your device. It works both ways, too—your customers can connect with you from their mobile devices for questions or information. You can also transfer Chat sessions to another Chat agent if you run out of time, or you have a Chat agent who is a specialist in the issue being discussed. Set up LiveHelpNow Alerter and you are notified when a customer has a question while you are engaged in a different project.

      ? Always-on Chat and messaging: Live Chat gives your clients and new customers an easy way to get the information and service they need. Reduce the amount of time—and labor—you spend making return phone calls, or trying to untangle email threads. Customers can connect with you via Chat, email ticket, or even by text. Call Management means you never miss a call and customers who need help get service 24/7.

      Need to outsource your live chat support? No problem!

      HelpSquad offers trained live chat agents for your business.
      LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad to offer 24/7 US Based chat service to field sales and support inquiries on your website

      Get HelpSquad chat service

      LiveHelpNow software for software sales that lets your website do the selling!

      Analytics Reports that can grow your business

      Through one organized dashboard, you can manage software service and sales calls. Add knowledge articles and save even more time as your Chat agents deliver informative, standardized information via Chat—and publish it on your website to attract new leads and boost your search engine rankings.

      Prioritize and track your sales

      With LiveHelpNow’s email-ticket system, help desk questions can be easily prioritized. Tag, filter, and flag tickets for follow up or assign them to various operators and sales representatives. By doing so, the most urgent needs are met in a timely and efficient manner, and all issues and sales can be neatly queued. Additionally, the email-ticket system lets you track your progress on various sales, demos, or projects, so that you can be sure that you are meeting all of your deadlines.

      Help clients proactively

      See what your customers are browsing as they are browsing it. Note any key word searches that they are doing and see what pages they're visiting and how frequently. Using this information, your sales representatives can proactively engage potential clients with live chat to help them choose and purchase the exact software package that suits their needs.

      A Knowledgebase that works for you!

      LiveHelpNow’s knowledgebase software works for both your customers and your employees. The knowledgebase provides up to date access to the most current information on your products. It’s also a powerful tool for merging data into FAQs and for storing relevant information that will result in more accurate key word search results. Giving your employees and customers the most accurate information will make any customer service chats more productive as well as eliminate unnecessary customer support calls/chats.

      Chat software and so much more. Don’t wait to try LiveHelpNow.

      When software is your business, we help you deliver the details to make your sales and keep your customers happy. Try a free 30-day trial of LiveHelpNow today!

      Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.